Challenges of Youth Migration in Europe

Puntland Community ry representing Finland took part a successfully implemented ”Challenges of Youth Migration in Europe” youth exchange project which brought together 52 participants including leaders and trainers from (Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Germany, UK, Portugal and Turkey).

The project took place in Antalya, Turkey from 18-26.9.2020 and addressed the Illegal immigration through non-formal and informal education.

During the 7 working days of the program, youngsters faced different challenges, met new people with different backgrounds while sharing skills and developing new skills.

During the exchange participants involved activities such as excursions and guided tours, worked with creative and artistic methods, tried out methods of anti-racist and trans-cultural education and shared knowledge and experiences. There were qualified trainers with context knowledge and experience of intercultural learning and helped participants to develop and adopt new skills concerning the topics of migration and inclusion of migrants. The program also promoted pedagogical approaches in dealing with challenges and opportunities in multicultural and pluralistic societies and empowered the participants to work on reflective competences and tools for social change.

At the end of this learning process, they acquired new skills and basic building block for creating opportunities and exploring new opportunities on their way home.

The ”Challenges of Youth Migration in Europe” project were supported by EU Erasmus programme + and Swedish National Agency MUCF.








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